Start Asp dating application

Asp dating application

Personal interviews are not required but are recommended for all applicants.

Host: “Hi, my name is David and I work for Citizenship and Immigration Canada—or CIC.” The video changes to a close-up of a big pile of application forms on a table.

Host: “We get thousands of applications each year from people around the world. ” The shot of the pile of application forms disappears.

Thomas College offers a comprehensive program of financial assistance to students with academic promise who have demonstrated financial need.

Students seeking financial assistance other than merit scholarships must file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and list Thomas College (Title IV code 002052) as an authorized recipient of the student's information.

For more information on how to schedule a visit to our campus please visit the admissions web page at or contact us at [email protected] call 207-859-1101 ( 12078591101) or 800-339-7001.

Students who visit our campus, or attend one of our open house or visitation days, will receive an application fee waiver card to submit with their application for admission in lieu of the $40 application fee.

Your application will be considered with or without the photograph.