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Modern historians aim to reconstruct a record of human activities and to achieve a more profound understanding of them.

Entries were made year by year, making these lists among the earliest annals.

In addition to the names of kings, events occasionally are mentioned, especially for the later years; but it is hard to understand on what principle they are included.

The historical record, however, must start with a system of writing and a suitable writing technology.

However, sophisticated study of oral traditions, combined with advances in archaeology, has made it possible to discover a good deal about the civilizations and empires that flourished in these regions before European contact. The earliest histories were mostly stories of disasters—floods, famines, and plagues—or of wars, including the statesmen and generals who figured in them.

In the 20th century, however, historians shifted their focus from statesmen and generals to ordinary workers and soldiers.

Until relatively recent times, however, most men and virtually all women were excluded from history because they were unable to write.

This article demonstrates the scope of that accomplishment and how it came to be achieved. Humans lived for tens of thousands of years with language, and thus with tales about the past, but without writing.